Liviero Drill & Blast

Liviero Drill and Blast (Pty) Ltd was established in 2014 to supply Liviero Mining with an in-house drilling and blasting solution. All blasting related work was previously contracted to external companies. 

The aim is to ensure a consistent high standard of service, which will contribute to optimising production potential. The success of any opencast mining operation is known to start with optimal blasting results. This includes optimal fragmentation and or optimal cast benefit of burdens and coal seams. 

Currently Liviero Drill and Blast is contracted on 2 operations, producing a combined average of 400 000T of ROM coal a month. This requires the utilisation of 9 Atlas Copco 30T drill rigs, producing an average of 90 000 linear drill meters a  month. 

The company is headed by a highly experienced team with a proven track record in specialised drilling and blasting