Safety, Health, Environment, Risk & Quality

Liviero SafetyThe  Liviero  Groups’ diverse  product  range  and  extensive  operational activities are high  risk, making SHERQ one of the most important elements of the business and its’ employees.

Aligned with the company mission, vision and values, executive management fully supports the SHERQ initiatives of preventing injury, ill health, damage or loss throughout the entire Group.

We  are  committed  to  the  well-being  of  our  employees, as well as to ensure  sustainability, caring  for  the  environment  and to ensure our clients receive products and services that exceed their expectation.

Our  web  based  system  allows  employees  full  access  to  policies and procedures, even  in  remote  areas. Our  intense SHERQ approach  has resulted  in the  Group  achieving  a  low  disabling  injury  frequency  rate, well  below  the industry  average.  Many  of  our  projects  have  reached  their  individual objectives  of  1  and  2  million  disabling injury-free hours.

Our  sustainable  development  initiatives  have  lowered  our  environmental  impact  and  every  effort  is  made  to continually  improve  on our deliverables. 

Key  indicators  include  disabling  incident  frequency,  energy  consumption, management of HIV/Aids and waste management practices.

Liviero is a signatory to BuildSafe South Africa; a non-profit organisation aimed at improving the health, safety and welfare conditions of all construction industry stakeholders through the free exchange and sharing of information between organisations working in South Africa.


ISO Certification

Reflecting its uncompromising commitment to quality, the Liviero Group has achieved certification and registration of its Integrated Management System based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. 



Liviero Incident Free Environment