Sustainability and SocioEconomic Development (SED) Initiatives

Liviero’s  vision  is  to  be  a  sustainable,  respected brand.  Sustainability  is  therefore at  the  core  of  everything  that  we  do.  It  forms  the foundation of the way we work. We believe that we have a responsibility to all our stakeholders – from our employees, to communities and to government.

Liviero is currently crafting group sustainability wide initiatives such as the Management  Waste Programmes and Careworks – HIV/AIDS Peer Education Programme.

Liviero actively participates in key SED initiatives such as SAFCEC’s Youth in Construction Week, wherein we offer vocational counselling to Grade 10 –12 learners.

The Groups involvement in community education and development initiatives is central to our sustainability model, which aims to reduce scarce skills and encourage learners to advance their studies in maths and science. The Dungile Training Maths and Science Centre (DTMSC) is one of Liviero’s flagship projects, which provides additional academic support to Grade 10 – 12 learners in the fields of maths and science, thereby creating better opportunities for matriculants to enter tertiary institutions.